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Work clothes

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Work clothes

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Detailed introduction

Work clothes are specially made for the needs of the work, and they are also uniforms for the staff. Usually, the factory or company distributes uniforms to the staff. I call it work clothes. With the continuous development of the workwear industry, more and more industries and enterprises must use work clothes.

Work clothes

Work clothes are specially made for work needs. According to the requirements of customers, combined with professional characteristics, team culture, age structure, body characteristics, wearing habits, etc., from the color, fabric, style, shape, matching and other aspects of clothing, to provide the best design, create rich for customers A new professional image of connotation and taste.

Workwear has played a positive role in enhancing corporate image and demonstrating corporate culture. There are also work clothes with propaganda meaning. For example, many service industry employees wear uniforms printed with the company's logo and font size. Wherever they go, they are a mobile advertisement.

Workwear according to the selection of materials and climate classification uniforms can be divided into: pure textiles, blended fabrics, suede and other materials uniforms. Pure textiles include cotton, hemp, wool, and silk of natural fibers; viscose, polyester, nylon, acrylic, spandex, polypropylene, chlorin, Teflon, etc. of chemical fibers. The blended fabric refers to a fabric in which two or more of the above various materials are blended and woven. The suede uniform is divided into two types: natural suede and artificial suede. Natural suede includes animal fur and leather. Artificial suede includes plush camel, flocking, artificial leather, synthetic leather and other chemical leather. Other materials mainly refer to various wood and chitin. , plastic, metal, etc.

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