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Protective shoes

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Protective shoes

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Detailed introduction

Labor insurance products are a kind of defensive equipment necessary to protect the personal safety and health of workers in the production process, and play an important role in reducing occupational hazards.

Such as: work hats, overalls, protective clothing, work gloves, cotton gloves, latex gloves, welding gloves, canvas gloves, white cotton gloves, microwave gloves, labor insurance shoes, work aprons, masks, goggles, knee pads, helmets, etc.

Protective shoes

Used to protect the feet from injury. At present, the main products are anti-mite, insulation, anti-static, acid and alkali resistant, oil resistant, non-slip shoes.

The sturdy protective shoes and the steel head racing protective shoes are the same type, that is, the safety protection shoes for protecting the toes. Safety shoes and labor insurance shoes are safe for the foot and have the same meaning. There are many types, such as protection of toes, puncture resistance, insulation, acid and alkali resistance.

Safety Safari Protective Footwear Specification: Oil-proof protective shoes are used in areas where oil or splashing oil is used; waterproof racing protective shoes are used in workplaces where ground water or splashing water; cold-proof protective shoes are used for low temperature workers. The feet are protected from frostbite. Anti-piercing safety shoes are used for foot protection to prevent stab wounds from various sharp objects. The main function of the anti-smashing protective shoes is to prevent the falling objects from hurting the feet. The front head of the Saigu protective shoes has impact resistant materials. The main function of steel-making protective shoes is anti-burning and puncture. It should be able to withstand a certain static pressure and withstand certain temperatures and is not flammable. These type of safety shoes are suitable for smelting, furnace, cast iron and so on.

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