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Detailed introduction

Labor insurance products are a kind of defensive equipment necessary to protect the personal safety and health of workers in the production process, and play an important role in reducing occupational hazards.

Such as: work hats, overalls, protective clothing, work gloves, cotton gloves, latex gloves, welding gloves, canvas gloves, white cotton gloves, microwave gloves, labor insurance shoes, work aprons, masks, goggles, knee pads, helmets, etc.

protective gloves

For hand protection, mainly acid and alkali resistant gloves, electrical insulating gloves, welding gloves, X-ray gloves, asbestos gloves, etc.

Human hands are the most valuable and versatile tool in all walks of life, whether in the construction, factory, kitchen, chemical storage or disposal. Because of this, the chance of hand injury has increased accordingly. According to statistics, there are many types and causes of injuries to the hands at work. Most of the hand injuries can be classified into the following categories:

Cut and stab wound

2. wear

3. Burns/frost injuries

4. Exposure to chemicals

5. Electric shock

6. Skin infections

Choosing the right protective gloves In order to protect our hands and avoid injury during work, we must first conduct a risk assessment of the work performed, and try to eliminate the harmful factors that may harm the hands, if not the basic method, such as hand tools Improvements, machine shields and process improvements to control hazards, then we must consider the use of suitable protective gloves. The protective functions provided by the protective gloves for the hands vary depending on the type of protective gloves, the method of production and the materials. Here are some steps to assess whether a protective glove is suitable for work: Before choosing the right protective glove, first evaluate whether the glove is effective in preventing the hazard and whether it is suitable for use in the process.

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