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Safety glasses

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Safety glasses

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Detailed introduction

Labor insurance products are a kind of defensive equipment necessary to protect the personal safety and health of workers in the production process, and play an important role in reducing occupational hazards.

Such as: work hats, overalls, protective clothing, work gloves, cotton gloves, latex gloves, welding gloves, canvas gloves, white cotton gloves, microwave gloves, labor insurance shoes, work aprons, masks, goggles, knee pads, helmets, etc.

Eye protector

It is used to protect the eyes and face of workers and prevent external injuries. It is divided into eye protection for welding, eye protection for furnace kiln, anti-shock eye protection, microwave protection, laser goggles and anti-X-ray, anti-chemical, dustproof and other eye protection. Eyelid protection products include: economical lightweight goggles, polycarbonate anti-fog goggles, protective glasses, protective glasses (strong coating), blue frames, protective glasses (UV protection), protective glasses (strong coating Layer, UV protection), industry standard protective glasses.

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