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Detailed introduction

Labor insurance products are a kind of defensive equipment necessary to protect the personal safety and health of workers in the production process, and play an important role in reducing occupational hazards.

Such as: work hats, overalls, protective clothing, work gloves, cotton gloves, latex gloves, welding gloves, canvas gloves, white cotton gloves, microwave gloves, labor insurance shoes, work aprons, masks, goggles, knee pads, helmets, etc.

Hard hat class

Head protection products include: miners helmets, cold helmets, general helmets (helmet helmets, helmet-type breathable safety, W-type helmets, H-type helmets, V-type helmets, V-type ventilation Safety helmets, single-strength helmets, three-ribbed helmets, big hats, David helmets, baseball caps, etc.).

The materials are divided into the following categories:

1. FRP helmet: mainly used in metallurgical high temperature working places, oil field drilling forest harvesting, power supply lines, high-rise building construction and cold area construction.

2. Polycarbonate plastic helmet: mainly used for oil field drilling, forest harvesting, power supply lines, construction and other operations.

3. ABS plastic safety helmet: It is mainly used in indoor and normal temperature working places with high impact strength such as mining and machinery industry.

4. Ultra-high molecular polyethylene plastic helmet: It can be used in a wide range of work such as metallurgy, chemical, mining, construction, machinery, electric power, transportation, forestry and geology.

5. Modified polypropylene plastic helmet: mainly used in metallurgy, construction, forestry, electric power, mining, uphole, transportation and other operations.

6. Tape miners helmets: mainly used in coal mines, underground mines, tunnels, culverts and other places. When worn, there is no chin strap.

7. Plastic miner safety helmet: The performance of the product is basically the same as that of the colloidal miner's cap except that the high temperature resistance is higher than that of the colloidal miner's cap.

8. Cold-proof helmet: It is suitable for winter field and open-air operation personnel in cold regions of China, such as mining, geological drilling, forest harvesting, building construction and port loading and unloading.

9. Paper rubber helmet: suitable for outdoor work against solar radiation, sand and rain.

10. Bamboo-made helmets: mainly used in metallurgy, construction, forestry, mining, docks, transportation and other operations.

11. Other woven helmets: Suitable for use in hot areas in the south without open fire.

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