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Marine motor

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Marine motor

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Detailed introduction

HSN motors are suitable for pumps,fans,compressors,textile machine and mechanical machine applications where variable or constant speed is required.HSN motors with a variable speed drive(VSD)-a frequency converter-the motor performance can be further improved.

In contrast with conventional applications operating with a direct-on-line(DOL)supply,a VSD makes smooth starting possible.This sign ifi can tly reduces the stress on the motor and driven application.The use of industrial drives together with HSN motors usually provides substantial energy savings as the speed and therefore the power required by the process can be optimized.

The frame of motors from 80 to 225 that permanent torque range of frequency is 5~50Hz,and the permanent power range of frequency is 50~100Hz.The frame of motors from 250 to 355 that permanent torque range of frequency is 3~50Hz,and the permanent power range of frequency is 50~100Hz

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