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Electric tricycle

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Electric tricycle

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  • Release date:2018/03/26
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Detailed introduction

Safety and security: electronic alarm system with electronic lock, improve vehicle safety and anti-theft ability, vehicle safety, parking rest assured

No worry about climbing: the special vector motor of Pepsi, stronger power, stable and powerful climbing

Without load: Pepsi carbon steel frame, thick steel plate, high beam, bold bold rear axle load more

Brake free: Pepsi chooses the best Tang Zai brakes in China, the brake effect is good and the durability is durable, to ensure the safety of your driving

Nocturnal worry: Pepsi use intelligent instrument system, equipped with super light, so that you are more safe night travel

Trouble free: when the vehicle fails during the operation, the self repair system will reveal to you and solve the vehicle problem quickly.

There is no worry about after sale: all the more than 5000 terminal outlets all over the country are all over the country, and the professional and technical personnel come to service to let you have no worries after sale.

Motor power: 48V (60V) 650W

Motor type: differential motor

Controller: Fifteen tubes

Trumpet: burglar alarm

Vehicle size: 2820*1000*1410mm

Car size: 1350*1000*300mm

Tire specification: front wheel: 3.25-12 rear wheel: 3.5-12

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