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Diesel generator set

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Diesel generator set

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Detailed introduction

VPSD series diesel generator sets have the features of beautiful appearance, strong power, reliable operation, energy saving and environmental protection, etc.

The mechanism of the aluminum alloy intake system is optimized, the layout of the appearance line is simplified, and the high grade car paint is selected. The appearance of the aluminum alloy is more compact and beautiful. Equipped with oil-water separator, alarm system self protection device and the first domestic oil pump, the application of diesel engine more safe, reliable and convenient; high pressure and air cooled technology, with a special high pressure pump and porous low inertia injector and electronic governor, good atomization, full combustion, the minimum fuel consumption of traditional 135 diesel engine drop to 195g/kw.h, in line with the national security level two emission standards, low noise, energy saving and environmental protection

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