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Gas generator set


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Gas generator set

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Gas generator set

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Detailed introduction

The gas turbine is ignition gas fuel gas machine to high calorific value gas as the engine part increases the turbocharging system and cooling system based on non turbocharged diesel engine, the cooling system adopts separate high and low temperature cycle, high temperature cooling cylinder, cylinder and cylinder head temperature components, low temperature cooling pressure after the gas, air and oil cooler.

Focus on the high-end market, the use of the world famous brand engine, quality assurance, stable and reliable. We should learn from the advanced technology at home and abroad, improve the design according to the characteristics of the gas, ensure the combustion performance and reliability of the engine, make the operation of the unit more stable, and connect the network more quickly, so as to realize the transmission of high and low voltage power distribution.

Application market:

CCHP market (commercial complex of city large hotel, hospital, office building, data center, large factory, etc.)

Biogas market (municipal landfill, sewage treatment farm, livestock farming, alcohol, starch, sugar making plant)

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