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Gas generator set


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Gas generator set

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Gas generator set

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  • Release date:2018/01/17
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Detailed introduction

1. Safety and environmental protection

Security is not only required to ensure the safety of the personnel in the operation of the equipment, but also for the long-term and broad sense of the living environment.

2, economic energy saving

High efficiency means saving fuel costs, low oil consumption, and compact structures that are all frugal.

3. Stable and reliable

Strengthening design of key components, the cooling system is efficient and reliable, and the continuous running time is long

4. Human intelligence

The MTU control module integrates all the functions of the monitoring unit and other accessories

5, save oil and resist oil

There are tens of thousands of actual hours of actual operation, which fully proves the durability. MTU all over the world's after-sales service value-added service has solved the worries of the users.

Application market:

CCHP market (commercial complex of large hotels, hospitals, office buildings, data centers, large factories, etc.)

Biogas market (municipal solid waste landfill, sewage treatment farm, livestock farming, alcohol, starch, sugar making plant, etc.)

Oil and gas power market (gas, coalbed methane and shale gas mining power project site)

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