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Gas generator set


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Gas generator set

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Gas generator set

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Detailed introduction

Gas turbine with Steyr engine, is a national high-tech research project 863, is jointly designed and developed China truck with American Econtrols company and has a complete intellectual property, with the leading domestic low level of a new generation of electronic control, lean combustion, four valve gas engine, gas engine Steyr low consumption, low exhaust temperature, inherited double wall Steyr diesel engine unique reinforced wide body, frame type crankcase structure, a new generation of Econtrols CFV gas supply system to ensure the continuous and accurate gas supply, make full combustion of lean combustion. Steyr diesel engine parts and strong versatility, adequate supply of spare parts, convenient maintenance.

1. Safety and environmental protection

Rarefied combustion ensures more adequate combustion and more environmentally friendly emissions.

2, economic energy saving

Low gas consumption, low maintenance cost, some spare parts and general Steyr diesel engine

3. Stable and reliable

With the leading domestic level, a new generation of double wall gas engine Steyr unique enhanced widebody crankcase, frame structure, improve the stability of the product

4. Human intelligence

According to the actual requirements of the customer, the control unit and function can be designed to meet the requirements of the network and the operation of the isolated network.

5. Durable and durable

Advanced and mature technology, high strength structure and key components, as well as general and convenient supply of spare parts, guarantee the service life and service

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