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Gas generator set


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Gas generator set

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Gas generator set

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Detailed introduction

The LOVOL engine is reliable, stable, stable in output power and stable in operation. Natural gas is used as fuel. It has very low economic adaptability, low cost and small vibration. It is more gentle in combustion and low in vibration and noise.

Gas generating set is widely used in coal-bed methane, biogas, biomass gas, natural gas and other clean energy internal combustion power generation, and through the utilization of waste heat to achieve comprehensive and efficient utilization of gas. We should learn from the advanced technology at home and abroad, improve the engine performance according to the different gas characteristics, ensure the low combustion performance and reliability of the engine, make the operation of the unit more stable, and connect the machine with the network more conveniently, so as to realize the transmission of high and low voltage power distribution.

Performance characteristics: mature and reliable 5S technology concept

1. Safety and environmental protection

Inherit the latest European concept design, the highest 17MPA bursting pressure

2, economic energy saving

High strength structure to ensure power reserve, prolong service life and reduce depreciation cost

3. Stable and reliable

The engine is to strengthen the level of mainstream products in the domestic high power 18%, 5~10% margin, to ensure the reliability of long-term operation, double cooling water jacket ensures better cooling effect of the four valve integrated cylinder head

4. Human intelligence

According to the actual requirements of the customer, the control unit and function can be designed to meet the requirements of the network and the operation of the isolated network.

5. Durable and durable

The high strength structure, the power matching margin, and the universal spare parts supply guarantee the service life and maintenance convenience

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