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Gas generator set


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Gas generator set

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Gas generator set

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Detailed introduction

With the help of flexible fuel options, Caterpillar generator can use your most abundant gas source as fuel, which is suitable for the customized design of natural gas and biogas and other fuels, and is committed to improving efficiency and reducing life cycle cost, and is consistent with most of the global emission regulations. The unit has a customizable selection, easy to select, obtain permission and install. The new engine technology provides power, thermal, or thermoelectric supply with world - class power efficiency and thermal efficiency. Make your dream come true with world - class electricity

1, excellent reliability

It has outstanding normal running time and convenient maintenance; it provides a variety of heat energy; the flexibility of fuel and the adaptability of the environment are high

2, the best balance and adaptability

The G3500B series is the first to introduce a number of advanced technology of Cat gas generator; the adaptability is strong, can handle Cat gas methane values as low as 60MN, and more recently to achieve a lower value of methane gas (such as propane) the efficient operation of the first generating unit; mobility, G3516B is the world's first gas turbine to achieve lean combustion. Is widely used in mobile, container type power station.

3, the best responsiveness and durability

Corrosion after special treatment of the aftercooler core, the cylinder cover and the rear gear bearing system can effectively resist the biogenic gas, in the treatment of corrosive fuel in the leading position in the industry; as a result of the special control architecture, offers the best choice for the industry for the effective operation of islanded mode versions of C series generator for the realization of independent the utility grid; special project, Caterpillar is investing about the research and development of C Series platform using special fuel (such as synthesis gas, blast furnace gas, coke oven gas and low concentration methane gas) project.

4. High electric efficiency

E and H series of electric units will improve the efficiency to a new level, to enhance the efficiency of up to 44.7% (1.0PF, ISO); E and H series unit can provide the turbocharger, air system and control device tailored; $14000 annual consumption of oil, plans to overhaul interval period up to 80000 hours, to ensure the lowest possible cost to achieve long-term operation

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