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Gas generator set


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Gas generator set

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Gas generator set

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Detailed introduction

Caterpillar CG series of gas generating units, production in Mannheim MWM. MWM is the world's leading producer of gas generating sets and diesel generating sets. It is a world leading enterprise providing efficient, clean energy and energy solutions, and has a history of over 140 years of long engine production. The Caterpillar CG series gas generating set has an efficient optimized Maitreya gas distribution cycle and a robust isolated island operation mode, with a wide range of use and high electrical efficiency.

High efficiency: the Caterpillar gas generator can provide up to 44.6% electric efficiency, while recovering more heat and reducing carbon emissions.

Lower operating costs: the Caterpillar gas generating set is less expensive than the other brands as much as 30%~50%, which saves you more money.

Smaller area: CG takes up 50% less space than similar systems. Smaller space means lower installation costs.

Availability: the use of more prechamber spark plug with no particle combustion, thus lengthening the maintenance cycle, and improve work efficiency, prolong the running time of a year.

System control: we use Caterpillar comprehensive electronic management system to control the whole system, including engine, heat recovery module, exhaust post-processing and fuel handling system, to realize the overall system control.

Flexible fuel use: our gas mixing technology and comprehensive electronic management system can be applied to all kinds of gas

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