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How should the marine motor cabled?

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How should the marine motor cabled?

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The Gas generator set must consider its safety performance when it is in use, so how to wire the motor is also very important. Next, Ruge motor takes us to explain how to wiring.

When wiring, do not build any motor control circuit on the winding or inserting pattern machine. High frequency printed circuit wiring is very important for preventing pulse jitter. It is usually due to excessive noise in the input end of the current detection sensor or the error signal amplifier. Therefore, printed circuit layout should have a small current signal and high drive output buffered ground, and it should be returned to the power input filter capacitor through separate paths. VCC, Vref and the error amplifier noninverting input, is connected to a ceramic capacitor in the integrated circuit near the place (0.01 F), and visual circuit layout. But all large current circuits should be as short as possible, and the rough copper wire should be made as far as possible to reduce EMI radiation.

Gas generator set

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