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Precautions for safe use of marine motor!

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Precautions for safe use of marine motor!

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We all know that marine motor is a valuable mechanical product. We must be careful and careful when we usually maintain marine motors. So what are we going to pay attention to? What are we going to pay attention to now? Let's give you a few examples of Regge Motor for ship.

Motor for ship

1. first of all to ensure the normal work of the motor ship, of course not near the water and oil accumulation, but not corrosive gas! In the daily use to ensure marine motor working environment dry, ventilation, and installation of air filter, keep marine motor room clean, always clean up the dust on the surface of the motor.

2., before the use of the new marine motor, we need to dry before it can run, so as to avoid unnecessary accidents and cause property loss. The most common drying methods are hot air drying and baking lamp drying.

3. in the daily maintenance of the motor of the ship, be sure to pay attention to the key position! For example:

(1): maintenance and control box to meet the safety requirements.

(2): check the motor terminal box to ensure that the line is correct.

(3): measuring and recording the insulation of the motor according to the requirements of the marine motor

(4): the operating environment of the marine motor is relatively large, and it is necessary to record the function of the heating and moisture-proof resistance on time.

(5): listen to the sound of the disc when you listen to the motor of the motor every day. If the motor is found to be abnormal, the exception is eliminated in time.

(6): regular injection of special oil for the motor motor disc of the ship to maintain good operating efficiency.

(7): clean up the active cooling cooler of marine motor regularly to keep good cooling effect.

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