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How to maintain the diesel generator set in spring?

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How to maintain the diesel generator set in spring?

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Diesel generator should be maintained, the normal business units to buy Generators, use for a long time a lot, so in the spring time, the best do some cleaning maintenance, if you buy the unit used within one hundred hours, can carry out maintenance, if you use three hundred hours less than two maintenance can be carried out. And so on:

Diesel generator set

Diesel generator maintenance 1, check the rotating parts of the bolt is loose, timely tightening; 2, check the oil level in the oil pan is insufficient, should add oil; 3, check the oil quantity; 4, check the water tank water; 5, check the oil and water pipeline joint; 6, check the intake and exhaust tube and cylinder gasket seal; 7, remove surface grease and dirt, keep the room tidy. Daily technical maintenance, 1 repeated daily maintenance; 2, clean air filter, replace if necessary; 3, the replacement of diesel oil filter, air filter, water filter; 4, check the drive belt tension; 5 of all oil nozzles, lubrication oil; 6, the replacement of cooling water. 50-80h two technical maintenance, 1 repeated daily maintenance, a technical maintenance; 2, cleaning piston, piston pin, cylinder liner, piston rings, connecting rod bearing and check the wear situation; 3, check the main rolling bearing inner and outer rings are not loose phenomenon; 4, removal of cooling water system in the waterway scale and sediment; 

5, remove the cylinder combustion chamber and exhaust gas duct 6, coke; check valve, valve seat, push rod and rocker arms with wear, grinding and adjustment; 7, cleaning the rotor of the turbocharger impeller, coke, check the bearing wear, when necessary should be repaired; 8, check the generator and diesel engine machine coupling bolt is loose, so, found the problem should be repaired. 250-300h three level technology maintenance 1, repeat daily maintenance, first level technical maintenance, two level technology maintenance; 2, check and adjust fuel injection angle; 3, clean fuel tank; 4, clean the oil pan; 5, check the nozzle nozzle atomization. 500-1000h

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