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Why do diesel generators leak oil?

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Why do diesel generators leak oil?

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The three leakage of Diesel generator set, especially the leakage of base friends is a common phenomenon. It not only seriously affects the cleanliness of machine appearance, but also increases the consumption of oil, and accelerates the wear of related parts, and is prone to major mechanical accidents such as tile burning and shaft holding.

Diesel generator set

The causes of oil leakage in the diesel generator group are as follows:

First, the wear of the parts of the diesel engine is serious, which causes the oil leakage of the diesel generator set.

Two. Oil seal oil leakage of diesel engine.

Three. The blockage of the crankcase ventilator of the diesel engine causes the oil leakage.

Four. Oil leaking at the end of the flywheel.

Five. Oil leaking in the rear part of the diesel engine.

Six. Oil leakage occurs in the joint of the shell.

The above is the cause of diesel engine engine oil leakage and the harm, through the introduction of the small editor, I hope that the users can help.

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