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How do diesel generators change oil?

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How do diesel generators change oil?

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How does a Diesel generator set change the oil? This problem may be confusing to many users, first of all we want to know why you want to change the diesel generator engine oil, the first is because the new diesel generator engine will first use iron drop, for the purpose of protecting the engine oil filter, and after a period of use, must be replaced. And when the diesel generating set uses the specified date and mileage, it needs maintenance, and the oil needs to be replaced at this time. So let's talk about how to change the oil.

Diesel generator set

1. Put the generator set in a plane and start the engine for several minutes to improve the engine oil temperature and stop the engine.

2, drop off oil injection bolt (oil scale)

In 3, the engine placed below a sump, removed oil screw, oil can be discharged from the crankshaft tank

4. Check the oil screwdriver, seal ring and rubber ring. If it is damaged, please replace it immediately.

5. Reinstall and replay the oil screws and fasten

6, drop the oil and add to the position of the reticulation of the oil scale

Be careful:

1. After the first use of the generator for 20 hours (or one month), the oil should be replaced immediately.

2. After each use of 1000 hours (or 6 months), the oil must be replaced.

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