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The cause of excessive oil consumption in diesel generator set

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The cause of excessive oil consumption in diesel generator set

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For diesel generators, fuel consumption is the highest cost of use, so the user likes the smaller the oil consumption in the process of using the better.  But a lot of factors affect fuel consumption, and then diesel generating set manufacturers come to analyze the cause of excessive fuel consumption in diesel generating sets.

Diesel generator set

1, assembly: diesel engine and generator assembly process, Weichai original accessories gear collocation is not reasonable, affect the turbine fuel consumption.

2, the environmental problems to be used: the working environment of the motor group, the good ventilation environment and the timely heat dissipation will also affect the fuel consumption of the generator set.

3, power problem: the greater the power of the diesel generator, the greater the fuel consumption.

4, the technical problems of production: such as the imperfect production technology of diesel generator or the material of diesel engine, which affect the fuel consumption of the diesel generator set.

5. Load problem: the load is also the most important part, the load size of the generator set affects the fuel consumption of the Diesel generator set.

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