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How to prevent the seven steps of generating unit fault

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How to prevent the seven steps of generating unit fault

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With the increase in the number of use of the Diesel generator set, I believe that you have a certain understanding of the motor group. But the subsequent problems will also increase. Generally speaking, there will be some omens before the unit fails. The following seven steps of generator family tutoring are to prevent generator unit failure.

1. method to judge and eliminate the intake part of diesel engine low pressure oil road

When the diesel generator set is unable to start when it enters the air in the oil way, the intake area is usually between the oil delivery pump and the fuel injection pump, which is caused by the tight sealing of the oil pipe joints, the plunger sleeve locating screws and the bleed screws.

When the diesel generator set is running normally, it stops automatically. It indicates that the intake part of the diesel engine is usually from the diesel tank to the oil transmission section. Because when the diesel generator set is working, the pressure in the oil passage is lower than the atmospheric pressure, and the air can enter from the joint of the oil circuit, the oil pipe inside the fuel tank or the oil leakage outside the oil pipe.

According to the inspection situation, the maintenance seal is not strict.

Diesel generator set

2. the method of judging and removing the blockage of the low pressure oil road

Check whether the plug when the low pressure oil pump, can loosen the bleed screw, while pressing the hand pump. If the diesel oil is sprayed out from the pump release screw in the shape of the oil column, it shows the oil path between the fuel tank and the injection pump is smooth. If the oil is not smooth, it indicates that the oil road is blocked or the diesel filter is too dirty.  If there is a bubble in the exhaust diesel, it shows that the low pressure oil is entered into the air.

According to the inspection situation, clean the diesel filter and remove the clog in the low pressure oil.

3. methods to judge and eliminate the failure of the injector

Without injector calibration, the fuel injector can be removed and assembled on the high pressure oil pipe to start the diesel generator set, and observe the injection pressure and atomization condition of the injector.

If the fuel atomization is bad, the injector should be repaired.

4. simple method to check the bad work of the oil pump

When the oil pump is checked, it is necessary to ensure that the low pressure oil is in the case of sealing, unblocked and air. In the test, we should unscrew the injection screw of the injection pump and press the start button to make the diesel generator set empty, then observe the oil production at the deflation screw. If the diesel engine is sprayed out, it indicates that the oil pump works normally; if no oil or oil is not smooth, the pump is not working or bad.

5. method to judge and eliminate the fault of oil valve

The governor will supply the handle placed in the idle position, and then from the fuel injection pump remove the cylinder high-pressure pipeline, and then press the hand pump, observation of fuel injection pump oil outlet of the oil valve seat are diesel overflow, if there is a diesel spill, the oil valve is not tightly closed or out of the oil valve spring break.

According to the inspection, the oil valve is repaired or the oil valve spring is replaced.

6. method to judge and eliminate the abnormal oil supply of the plunger of the injection pump

In the work process, if the suspected oil diesel fuel injection pump plunger of the individual amount is too large or too small, the plunger of the plunger and the oil amount of suspected normal corresponding to the high-pressure tubing from the fuel injector is removed, then the high-pressure tubing two were placed in the bottle starting, diesel generators, in a certain time, observe how much fuel, as shown in figure 10-6. If the suspected plunger coupling is more than that of the normal plunger coupling, it indicates that the suspected plunger coupling has large fuel supply problem, otherwise, it is too small.

Repair or replace the injection pump plunger according to the inspection situation.

7. simple method to judge and eliminate the failure of lubricating oil pump

Diesel generator during normal operation, if it is found that the diesel generator pointer suddenly dropped to "0" scale lubricating oil or lubricating oil pressure gauge, pressure indicator lamp suddenly shine, it should immediately stop diesel generator operation. Then loosen the cap on the cylinder tubing connector, and then press the starter button, if found the lubricating oil outward from the pipe joint at the spray, the lubricating oil pump is working properly. On the other hand, it shows that the lubricating oil pump is damaged or the quantity of oil in the oil bottom is too small.

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