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The structure and principle of the electronically controlled pump nozzle of the generator set

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The structure and principle of the electronically controlled pump nozzle of the generator set

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  Diesel generator set injector eliminates the high-pressure tubing, the plunger and pump oil extraction not together with the fuel injector components, the electromagnetic valve is arranged on the side of the pump body, a plunger sleeve hole effect on the pump body, and the plunger for precision parts, high pressure plunger cavity under the oil passage through the electromagnetic the valve communicated with the low-pressure chamber, when the piston push cam rocker arm downward, if the solenoid valve is not energized to close, is pushing the oil through the oil duct and relief valve back pressure chamber, does not produce high pressure

Diesel generator set

 if the solenoid valve is closed, pushing oil will produce high pressure in the high pressure directly to the nozzle, when more than the needle valve opening pressure, fuel injection is started, during the closure of the solenoid valve, the pump will continue when the fuel injection nozzle, solenoid valve power, the solenoid valve return spring so that the electromagnetic valve is opened, the oil drain back to the low pressure chamber The needle valve of the nozzle closes and stops the injection, so the amount of fuel injection at the timing of the injection is determined by the timing of the electromagnetism valve and the length of the electrified time.

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