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How to do the water in the ships motor?

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How to do the water in the ships motor?

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Motor for ship often work in harsh humid environment, in addition to the rainy day, but will increase the possibility of motor water, if water, how to do? The wrong operation, may lead to serious consequences!, following by Regal motor for you in general to explain how to do marine motor inlet!

Motor for ship

1, direct pull off transmission gates, and dismantle the motor power line.

2, choose a sunny, dry environment and open all the protective cover of the motor.

3, use our commonly used gasoline into the spray gun and carry out high pressure cleaning inside the motor.

4, after waiting for 24 hours, the method of bulb drying is used to dry the motor.

5, after drying, check the junction box and operate the piston manually to ensure consistency.

6, test the insulation of the motor by the shake table.

7, to ensure that there is no problem after the access to the power supply, and observation for 1 hours or even longer to ensure that the motor operation is normal.

Although the intake of marine cranes is a minor matter, if the operation is wrong, it will cause serious consequences. We must be careful and careful when dealing with the intake of marine motors.

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