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Diesel generator stator three-phase current unbalance, which affect the

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Diesel generator stator three-phase current unbalance, which affect the

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Diesel generator set is three-phase current according to the case of symmetric long-term operation design, when the three-phase current is symmetric, by their production of stator and rotor rotating magnetic field is the same direction and rotate speed, the stator rotating magnetic field and the rotor rotating magnetic field is relatively static, it's not a magnetic line cutting rotor, when the three-phase current asymmetry, will and a negative sequence current, negative sequence current magnetic field generated by the rotor surface produce two times the frequency is 100 weeks / sec current, this current heating can make the rotor vibration, causes the stator three-phase current unbalance are mainly in the following aspects.

Diesel generator set

The generator stator one phase open circuit, the generator stator current phase of 0 the other two increase or equal to other parallel generator phase current phenomenon to the contrary.

2. When the main transformer is disconnected at the low voltage side, the two phase current of the generator is increased and equal, and the phase is reduced or 0.

The main transformer high pressure side line or a phase open circuit, three-phase generator stator current is increased, the second phase and decrease.

(4) the imbalance of the external load of the contact line or line line.

In the case of the afore-mentioned situation, the methods of treatment are as follows:

When it is found that the three-phase current is asymmetrical, the judgment is the fault of the measurement loop or the primary loop fault.

2. If the generator is disconnected, the generator is disconnected.

If the main transformer coil is broken, the main transformer of the fault can be stopped.

If the line disconnection or unbalanced load and the generator stator current unbalance exceeds the prescribed, according to the three-phase current meter to determine, and the line outage.

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