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Treatment of marine motor without electricity or abnormal voltage

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Treatment of marine motor without electricity or abnormal voltage

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Treatment of Motor for ship without electricity or abnormal voltage

(1) when the line is confirmed, the fuse is switched on.

(2) the end voltage of the generator is measured directly by a multimeter voltage file.

(3) the timed check meter is not allowed to be replaced

(4) check the loosening of the pins 50Hz, 60Hz, and 6 and 7 pins

(5) the rotating rectifying module leads to the rotor of the host

The connecting line of the magnetic field is removed with a multimeter or light bulb to measure the rotating rectifying module, if the damage needs to be replaced.

Motor for ship

(6) the stator coil of the battery 12V is connected to the stator coil of the AC exciter through the diode to be magnetized - secondary, the positive pole is connected to the X, and the negative pole touches XX (about 2 seconds).

(7) detailed inspection, connect to the wiring diagram

(8) will be broken at the twisted, external insulation materials used in soldering welding, good package.

(9) after the joint is cleaned, reconnect

(10) find out the circuit breaker, re welding

(11) a short circuit will cause serious fever and should be removed from the coil.

(12) find out the fault point and replace the coil

(13) the speed or frequency meter is used to check the rotational speed of the generator

(14) correction regulator after correction according to the regulator's instructions

(15) change the regulator

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