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What is a gas combustion engine generator set?

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What is a gas combustion engine generator set?

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What is a gas engine Gas generator set?

Gas engine generator set is a new, efficient and environmental new gas generator set, which takes natural gas, biogas, gas, biomass gas and other combustible gases as combustion materials instead of gasoline and diesel as engine power. The gas engine generator has the advantages of wide output power, high reliability, good quality, light weight, small volume, simple maintenance and low frequency noise. Generally, they have the following four advantages:

Gas generator set

1. the quality of power generation is good

Due to the reciprocating motion of the gas engine when working, the speed of the electric regulating reaction is fast, and the work is very stable. The output voltage and frequency of the generator are highly precise and the fluctuation is small. The operation of the unit is stable when the load is increased by minus 50% and 75%. It is superior to the electrical performance index of diesel generator set.

2. good startup performance and high success rate

The time from the cold start to full load is only 30 seconds, while the international regulation of diesel generator is loaded after 3 minutes. The gas engine generator set can ensure the success rate of starting at any ambient temperature and climate.

3. low noise low vibration

Because of the high speed reciprocating motion of the gas combustion engine generator set, its vibration is very small, and the low frequency noise is better than the diesel generator set.

4. the flammable gas used is a clean, cheap energy source

Such as: gas, biogas, straw gas, natural gas, using them as turbine fuels not only reliable operation, low cost, and no pollution, waste heat generating units using the device can also be collected again by the exhaust, make full use of effective energy.

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