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How to choose emergency diesel generator set?

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How to choose emergency diesel generator set?

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In some electricity intensive occasions, supermarkets, hospitals, construction sites, etc., the power consumption will be heavier. How to alleviate the huge gap of electricity will depend on emergency generators. Most friends will prepare emergency generators in advance, which is the most common use of small diesel generators. How to choose?

1. Characteristics of small Diesel generator set

Emergency diesel generators are mainly used in important places, in case of emergency or accident interruption immediately after blackout, rapid recovery and an extended period of time through the emergency generator power supply, common for small diesel generators, the main features are: power quickly and can be life within 12h; external power is restored, automatically cut off the power supply, ensure that the equipment can be used a long time.

Diesel generator set

Two. How to choose the generator

For different electric fields, the demand for generators is not the same. When there are several generators in reserve, only 1 emergency diesel generators are set up, and 2 units can be supplied in parallel from the reliability consideration.

In addition, the emergency unit should choose high speed, supercharged, low fuel consumption, and the same capacity diesel generator set. This is convenient for large equipment. The most important point is that generators should be equipped with synchronous motor equipped with brushless excitation or phase compound excitation device, which is more reliable, with low failure rate and convenient maintenance and repair. Save the day after the maintenance time.

Generally speaking, the choice of emergency diesel generator is to choose some stable, efficient and convenient equipment, so as to protect the external power supply, and do not affect the progress of construction. Subsequent maintenance is also more simple and convenient.

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