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Shanghai Sea Industy Co., Ltd. is a company with abundant customer resources and marketing experience in the company, founded in May 2017, the registered capital of 10 million yuan, the company is located in Shanghai Free Trade Zone, the company has sales department, network department, service department, comprehensive department, customer service department, technology Department, through the joint efforts of all staff, has become a professional brand agent, in good faith-based, positive development, the spirit of quality service and professional intentions, responsible for the concept has started a new period of development, the development of a new journey, in.

The main products are: diesel generator set, gas generator set, three-phase asynchronous motor, marine motor, lithium ion battery (Li-ion),There are more than 300 kinds of products, such as lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFeP04), lithium titanate battery (Li-Titanate), four wheeled electric vehicle, three wheeled electric vehicle, two wheel electric vehicle, landscape art sculpture, handicraft, welding material series and so on.